Home Tutoring

I offer tutoring from my home in Bracknell. I tutor GCSE Biology (AQA Trilogy only) and A Level Biology (OCR A only). I'm also happy to offer all three Sciences if a student is studying Combined Sciences AQA GCSE.

As well as offering weekly lessons, I'm also happy to teach one off lessons if you need help with a particular topic. I also offer group lessons at a reduced price.

Online Tutoring

I also tutor A Level Biology online using Skype for those students not local to me. When online tutoring I have two monitors for screen sharing to display presentations, videos, exam questions, online text books and other resources. I also use Google Docs, Sheets and Drawings for interactive activities. All lesson resources are saved into a personal Google drive folder for you to access at any time.

You will need a Skype account plus a reliable internet connection. Although it’s not essential, some of my students also like to use a head set with a microphone for better sound quality.

When I'm Available

Please contact me for details about my current availability. 


Level Price (per hour)
GCSE (AQA Trilogy only) £32.00
A Level (OCR A only) £38.00